These questions were asked by a young lady who had never played before and played in my game for several months before moving.

What exactly is D&D?
What is it that makes people want to play D&D?
Should I have any concerns about the mental well being of D&D players? (This question is just based on stereotypes from the media.)
What should I expect to see when I walk into my first D&D game?
How do I go about finding a D&D game in my area?
How hard is it to learn to play DND?
Do I need to purchase dice in order to play, and if so what kind of dice?
What would be the easiest character class to start with for someone that is new to the game?
Who do I go to in order to find out how to build my character?
How do you decide what race you want your character to be?
How do you decide what class you should make your character?
After I build my character, what should I do?
Will my DM or anyone else help me when I don’t understand something or need help?
Do you have plans on moving to 4th Edition DND or some other ruleset like Pathfinder?

I figure I'll throw some other questions that people may have here. If you have a question:let me know.

What books are banned from your game?
What if I find something online, homebrew sort of stuff?
Portions of your game don't fit the 3.5 rules. Why do you deviate from the rules as written?