Abbaddon was born December 17th, 409 in the small vilage of Cossid close to the Balcoth Forest. His father, Bronn, was a member of a druid family who has lived in the region for generations. His mother, Selene, is a priestess of Silenus.

Abbaddon spent the early years of his life living with his mother in Cossid where he learned about her faith and dedication to helping those in need as well as other things such as basic reading and writing. His father spent the majority of his time away from the village as he had to fulfill his duties in the forest. However he returned periodically to check on his son and wife as well as to use his knowledge of healing to treat sicknesses for the villagers. His sister Sirdar was born nine months after one visit; on March 13th, 414.

Once Abbaddon reached the age of 12 his father took him to live with him in the woods so that he could begin to train in the druidic arts as well as helping him master the spirit of the bear within him. While he trained in the woods he encountered friendly fey as well as elves from time to time, from these encounters he learned sylvan and elvish.

As he grew up in the woods his father taught him of the history of the spirit of the bear, as well as teaching him to be a healer as he was through medicinal herbs and magic. Occassionally they would return to Cossid to visit his mother and sister and have his father perform his duties for the village. While visiting his mother she would ofen make him special treats, often apple pies. The primary duty of Bronn and now Abbaddon was to protect the pureness of nature from aberrations and undead, as well as any other evil entity wishing to cause harm. Due to the work of Bronn and his forefathers the Balcoth Forest has become almost purged of these types of threats (though the elves would dispute this), as such after Abbaddon reached the age of 18 he ventured out into the world in order to continue the work of protecting nature that his family originally started.

The origins of the Spirit of the Bear, aka the Were-Bear gift, started with Abbaddon's great-great grandfather's grandfather over 200 years ago. The full details have been lost but the general gist of it, as told from generation to generation, goes that his ancestor was blessed with the spirit of the bear by Ursus the protector of the bears, perhaps a powerful outsider or maybe a verdant prince, as  a reward for his devotion to the natural way and protection of animals from aberrations and the like. After receiving the gift he vowed that he and all of this descendants would continue to protect nature and destroy that which would seek to upset the balance. Throughout history in the local area there has always been the legend of Sessum and the gift he and his family received, but due to the protection the family has offered people from possible evils, the healing that they often provided for the sick, and how the majority of the time they kept to themselves deep within the forest in thier secret druid groves people generall left them alone.