Belsremrofsnart was born in the town of Maidel to Lanoitarri and Sir Sut-Civni of House Tlarjev on May 13th, 397. Though his parents wanted more children Bel, as he was called, remained an only child though he had plenty of cousins to play and get in trouble with in and around his fathers engraving shop or his uncles tavern; the Steady Locksmith.

Upon reaching puberty Bel began exhibiting signs of being a sorcerer, like his father and his father before him, that and chasing girls all hours of the day and night. For five years Bel was basically exiled to one of his father's estates in order to hone his abilities and control his magic after a truly epic accident in the Steady Locksmith which cost one man an eye and singed the hair off of several others. After his father finally realizes the futility of trying to keep Bel away from town; Bel is given permission to return and he takes up bartending for his uncle to pass the time and earn some money to pay for his extravagent lifestyle and gambling debts. After using up most of the goodwill of his family; Bel sets for eastward to see the world and earn his place at the gaming table.