Daelan was born 10/3/372 to Tanus and Skorva, of the House of Leventis who were merchants in the Argostolian League in the city of Tegelen. Four years before Duke Elric launched his first invasions against Thulan held Xanator, Anoroc, and Luana. He was trained as a merchant and attended schools befitting his rank. Since he was not the oldest he was given some latitude when he took interest in magic. This all changed when his older brother Timbrel (born 6/1/368) died on 4/7/392 when his ship was lost at sea. From a care free life spent in academic circles he had to return home and learn the family business. Daelan  married Nokomis on 8/21/395 and adopted his brothers' two children Narine and Moonsilver.

Daelan threw himself into the family business; raising his neices and having two children of his own, Sabulous (11/15/401) and Phika (4/18/405). Life was good, profits were higher than ever, and the new peace enforced by the Imperial Dosadan Navy on the Lastel Straits enabled a period of peace and prosperity unseen in amlost four hundred years. This time in his life was not without problems: his youngest neice was found murdered on 12/15/416 and his father died two weeks later. His oldest daughter Sabulous married a junior partner, Quaren, on 9/23/422 and soon bore Daelan a grandson, Nevrast, on 1/20/424. Unfortunately she never recovered from the birth and was bed ridden until 8/20/424 when she died.

In his grief Daelan threw himself into work and alienated his wife Nokomis. He practiced the magics he learned long ago and one day made the acquaintance of a gnomish wizard named Langerhuse Longhair. The would sit for hours talking philosophy and magic theory in such famed places as the Inne of the Smiling Skull and the Ghostly Horde. Several years later his youngest daughter joined the priesthood of Demeter and he reconciled with his wife. In the spring of 427 his friend Langerhuse convinced him to take a short trip with him to the city of Tiel. After being a scholar, a merchant, and then a scholar once more, Daelan was leaving the city of his birth of for the first time.