Erfetikk Jedbo is the only son of the famed gnomish couple, Lamanil the fighter and Slobodin the wizard, that was part of the famed adventuring group Tara Starlight for eight years before marrying and going up into the eaves of the Epigeal Forest in early 383tc. After bidding goodbye to the other three members of the group (Callegan the priest of Astraeus, Melzer the rogue, and Elwart the bard); Slobodin and Lamanil built a nice holding and carved a home in the dangerous wilds with their loyal servants and henchmen. There Slobodin studied the habits of the Skiurids; the squirrel like creatures native to the plane of Shadow and were found only in the Epigeal. With his wife Lamanil guarding  and maintaining the holding Slobodin would go further and further afield studying age old ruins and other curious aspects of the forest. It is thought but not proven he encountered Norvoshi the necromancer for the first time in the winter of 396tc. Though victorious Slobodin did not kill Norvoshi but thought no more on the  matter.

In the autumn of (10/1) 399tc Lamanil gave birth to a son who they named Erfetikk Jedbo. The boy grew up in the relative solitude of the holding far from civilization; surrounded by a handful of his parents henchmen and their families as well as the large wolfhounds they kept for protection. Erfetikk Jedbo's famous parents were withdrawn and spent little time with the baby. His mother gave him into the care of one of her servants soon after he was weaned. He didn't know or care as this was all he was used to. For several years he had free run of the area: protected by the invisible bubble of security his fighter mother and wizard father provided in a harsh and unforgiving wilderness in the area where the Gadira Hills abruptly meet the Epigeal Forest.

This all changed on 4/16/403 when he was but three and a half. Norvoshi the necromancer finally got his revenge on his father by convincing a tribe of ettins it was in their best interest to work with him and his hobgoblins. In the pre-dawn rain they struck hard. Lamanil and the other warriors turned out to protect the holding while Slobodin began working his magic to counter the necromantic powers of Norvoshi. Somehow, perhaps taking painstaking months to do it, Norvoshi had been able to introduce several undead belabra into the holding through tunnels. These belabra attacked and suceeded in binding Slobodin; stopping him from reinforcing his wife who was soon overwhelmed and struck down by a rage driven ettin. Not knowing what all of the noise and confusion was about Erfetikk Jedbo was whisked down a side passage by his nanny Zeralenn and put on the back of a female wolfhound. Opening the kennels she shooed them off and away from death in the doomed holding.

For two days the dogs moved westward with the toddler clinging to one then another. Sensing more than seeing: the dogs got their hackles up and bared their teeth but were soon calmed by several elves who took an interest in a pack of dogs with a gnomish child riding in the center. Conversing amongst themselves it was decided that Whelan the druid would look after them while the others continued on their way. Thus it came to be that Erfetikk Jedbo was raised under the trees of Lenfell Forest by Whelan the elvish druid who held Helaiades, Goddess of Trees, in special regard over the other nature gods. Whelan returned to his village and there trained Erfetikk Jedbo in the ways of the druid and the caring of nature.