Youngest son of the gnomes Kallerup and Vrist Mechmender of Allynis, Flintnock was born 5/9/407. With one older sister, Nejup, he played in his fathers woodworking shop under the watchful eye of his mother while she mended clothing. Kallerup died when Flintnock was but nine. He was apprenticed to the wizard Langerhuse Longhair at the age of 15 after his sister married and Vrist felt it was time for him to learn a trade: something better than woodworking. From the start Flintnock did not get along well with Styvel; the senior apprentice. Three years of torment at Styvels' hands, as Flintnock refused to tell Langerhuse,ended on the day the wizard discovered it on his own and sent Styvel away.
On occasion, when not having to teach the younger apprentices or locked in study with the wizard, Flintnock would investigate some of the old ruins and hike into the surrounding forests with his friends Torring and Lemvig. One evening they were caught after sundown by bandits and Lemvig was killed.

The wizard Langerhuse is a member of an adventuring party, the Tara Skod. After Flintnock was awarded his Athame he would accompany the wizard on some of this trips and adventures with the other members of the group, Elwart the bard, Fabjerbol the warrior, Skod the rogue, as well as a host of others that came and went over the years. Soon after the snows passed in the spring of 427; the group decided to journey down to the city of Tiel taking a southern path through the Duchy of Ardeth in an attempt to stay out of the areas still in turmoil due to the Imperial attacks two years ago. There, a few days afer leaving the town of Verald, the party was attacked in the middle of the night by a green dragon. Yelling for Flintnock to hide himself Langerhuse and the rest of the adventurers engaged the dragon while the apprentices and servants scattered. The young gnome stayed hidden until the sounds of fighting were gone only to emerge into an empty, and destroyed campsite. Not sure of where to go or what to do; he grabs some of his masters possessions, a bag of food, and his  backpack and begins to walk westwards.