Graw of Yukana did not have a happy childhood; he doesn't remember much about it much less his parents. He was bred to be a soldier in the army of King Orenkale of Kurubas. He was raised under tight discipline in a barracks and underwent a harsh regime of both physical and mental exercise. At an early age he knew he was not like normal humans as he had the shared heritage of both the Karahisar and Gelenler magically fused in him.

He first saw combat at the age of 16 when Kurubas first sided with the kingdom of Caldiran against the kingdom of Ozlap and then fought against Caldiran when his king decided to switch sides. When the  major kingdoms were not at war he was fielded against the Kaskol and Ortayol in the bleak hills near the forest of the Albar. The land he was born in was in a state of constant turmoil as the different warlords and kings strove against each other. The people were dull and beaten down by the endless fighting and turned their eyes towards a new island kingdom which promised to lead them back to a golden age of peace and grandeur.

The years blurred and Graw found himself a squad leader of a shock troop working north of the city of Baris in the Kingdom of Ozlap when he found himself under attack while he and his squad were breaking the defenses of a Ozlapi fortress by Caldirani necromancers. In the blink of an eye he notices most of his squad petrified and another dead at his feet. Walking out of what was once a building he finds it now underground and looks upon a world very different than the one he saw relatively minutes ago. Following the tracks leading out of the wash he meets people of the sort he has never seen before. They speak no civilized tongue but they can converse in language of the Albar with some difficulty. Reeling from the loss of everything he once knew and completely disorientated, he throws himself in battle agaisnt the enemy of these strange new people: the gnolls.