Gromlad was born on 1/28/410 in the small village of Deiket; a holding of mostly Koveli folk nestled into the fold where the Lenfell Forest met the Gadira Hills. His parents, Koutina and Piega, are descended of the proud and hardy Koveli that pillaged and raided for almost a century and settled down in far out of the way corners of the land. He has two older siblings, Lothar, who went off to fight in the wars against the invader, and an older sister Imogen. He also has two twin sisters, age 12, Talia and Shireen.
Koutina, his father, is a renowned trapper and hunter who spends the cold winter months fashioning some of the most exquisite small weapons from wood and horn.

Gromlad grew up with the traditional ways of the Koveli people and spent many a night out in the towering forest with his good friends and the older village men. Unlike many of his peers he picked up Common (Argossean) from the traders and merchants who would brave the narrow paths to reach his village, fighting past such dangers as basilisks, doppelgangers, and the occasional formian giant. Gromlads' friend Skall also learned Common and together they dreamed of going out into the wild world to see a bit more than the trees of Lenfell and the harsh hills. Maybe even journey down to one of the large settlements the traders spoke of. There was a bit of a complication though: like good traditional Koveli everywhere Gromlad was promised in marriage at birth. His bride to be is the fifteen year old Bandari who usually follows Gromlad around constantly talking about “when we get married.”

It was no surprise that Gromlad and Skall took the opportunity to hire on as guards for a merchant and travel down out of the hills: promising to return before the first snows. Seeing Verald for the first time the boys were staggered at the sheer amount of humanity. Nevus, after trying to convince Gromlad this was no place for two young Koveli, returned for the hills while Gromlad stayed to see more of this large and exciting world he had no idea existed.