Kainan is the third son of Hedwig and Erlis of the small isolated village of Kollum located north of the town of Chevastos. Hedwig, father of Altharn, Datheal, Kainan, and a daughter, Kalathi, is the son of Toriel, son of Sugal, son of Zered, son of Tydeus, son of Weig, son of the knight Stakidal of Tiel. This is a matter of great distinction in Clan Stakidal and closely tied to their history and their identity. Tiel was founded during the waning days of the original Takkaran Empire as an Imperial city and colonists flocked there from all around the Empire in 38tc. Nearby was the older Thulan city of Utrecht founded in -234tc. This factors into the story when King Marlenus of Utrecht conquered Tiel in 231tc. Several noble households sided with the new government and prospered for several years. Then, in 279tc, Tiel was freed when Duke Verkan defeated the Utrechtan hosts. The families who had supported the rule of Utrecht were cast from the city; their lands and homes taken. Just as Chevastos was founded by those folk of Tiel who fled from the Utrechtan domination in 237tc; these families struck out eastward where most founded the town of Fieltos where the Machlo River flows into Bacop Bay. Some families stopped along the way; sickness and hunger took its toll. Sir Stakidal stayed with those folks who ulimately founded the village of Kollum. His code of service and law, the working of good, has stayed in his line these 148 years. Though his descendants are shepherds, woodsmen, and ranchers; his ethics and training have been handed down from father to son.

Kollum is a dangerous place isolated on the Larad Plains, and off of any major trade route. Gnolls, Were-wolves, Otyughs, and Trolls roam the plains while Gargoyles, Harpies, Manticores, and Net Masters bring death from the skies. Kainans brother Datheal was killed by gargoyles several years ago. Strange creatures, such as Archer Bushes and Clodders, as well as Formorian Giants, Goblins, Gorgons, Hobgoblins, Medusa, and Minotaurs come venturing out of the great Lenfell Forest some fifty odd miles to the north. Even Chuuls and Hydras have been known to arise out of the Ediene Sea and venture as far inland as the grazing lands around Kollum. The sons and daughters of Kollum are hardy and can defend themselves and their village from most threats. They even get the occasional bit of help from Blink Dogs, Dragonnes, and Horned Felldrakes as well as Rangers and the Cavalry of the Duke of Ardeth. One of Kainan's uncles,Tregant, was killed and replaced by a Doppelganger when Kainan was a child. It snuck into the village and killed several others before it was found out and killed. Since then several priests have tried to craft sigils and wards to warn of shapeshifters.

Kainan had no close friends as a child other than his two brothers and sister. It was devastating when Datheal was killed but Kainan viewed it as another lesson on how to deal with a hard life and that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. With the war two years ago when the Empire invaded the island kingdoms once more; the cavalry have not been available to aid the villages and they have suffered accordingly. More and more men and women have fallen to ever stronger attacks by raiders such as the Gnolls that travel hundreds of miles out of the east to raid and take slaves. In the village square still stands a statue of Sir Stakidal that his grandson carved years after his death. An older man standing with a shepherds staff and his hand raised to shield his eyes
to scan the horizon: a long sword at his side.

Several shrines dot the village filled with the usual assortment of Argossean gods and saints with a place of honor for Semkirk, the Watcher, and patron of Thule. A local family provides priests who honor and follow the pantheon while on occasion a healer of Hygieia will trek up from Chevastos to check on people and several druids wander in and out of town.