Namfoodle Diamond Fog was born 3/20/340 using the human calendar, or following the Elvish: The waning moon of the Time of the Twins in the year 37,745. He was born under the eaves of the Balcoth Forest the same year the Kingdom of Gravenhage founded the town of Geridon in an attempt to deter the Koveli fleets plaguing the seas at that time. His father is Lorris, an elf respected for his arcane lore and magical abilities while his mother is a noted herbalist, Kanamt. Along with a sister, Abderian, who is 17 years junior, Namfoodle lived according to the old traditions of his people far from most human concerns. The Balcoth Forest is the unique home of some of the worst creatures to be found in Lenfell: Owlbears, Flail Snails, as well as Giant Dragonflys, Chaos Beasts, and creatures such as Axe Beaks and Gnolls coming in off the nearby plains. The occasional artifact from bygone human civilizations, such as iron golems, are sometimes encountered.

Life was good under the trees with the elves; with the exception of some problems with mounstrous humaniods or raiding slavers like the Koveli, the elves managed to prosper in their woodland home. The elves pay due respect to Elbereth, goddess of the stars, but many follow Artemis and other dieties now "discovered" by the humans. Namfoodle lived a contented life in the community for many decades; showing little interest in the outside world except picking up a smattering of the Common speach from the rare human visitor to their forests.

Then disaster struck, no there were no dragon attacks or a mighty raid by giants or humans: love and competition for a woman forced Namfoodle to leave his comfortable life in the forests and seek his fortune outside. He had known Adorna for at least thirty years and many an evening would find him and his friends singing and dancing with her and her friends. Namfoodles's best friend, Meabon, happened to have also taken an interest in Adorna and when the two found out about each other's interests jealousy and envy soon wrecked the friendship and certain actions of Namfoodle's one emotional night, they were acting like humans, forced Namfoodle to flee his homeland rather than face the consequences of his actions.
Trekking his way across the plains at night, he soon found himself in the human Duchy of Ardeth and found himself surrounded by more humans than he thought existed.