The Zamorans have little contact with the outside world; their land being overshadowed by Zingara to the east and south. They really desire very little contact and are happy being insular. Most of the trade goes through the town of Dothog, south of Shadizar and near the Zingaran border. There most of the interaction between Zamorans and outlanders occur. Dothog is where Nival, a merchant of the house of Ganjor and his wife, Ralcaris met, married, and created a family. Ralcaris bore two sons to Nival: Vansin and three years later Samir (10/3/400tc). She died giving birth to Samir. Nival struggled to balance his work with raising his two sons. Cared for by a sucession of aunts, cousins, and nurses, Samir learned his letters and spent many an hour in the company of his father and uncles listening to tales of other lands and business ventures that lasted years.

His life changed quickly though on spring morning. He and his father were attacked by what some believed to have been a dire tiger, and others a rakhasa. Nival was killed while Samir was horribly before the beast was driven off. Near death he was taken to a temple in the nearby village of Ictha, where the saffron-robed monks and priests took him in and over the next few months repaired a lot of the damage. He stayed at the temple for close to six years; learning more of the Zamoran pantheon. Reh, the Great Spider, Semel Nightmover, he of the red eye and patron of rogues, Havnor, lord of destiny, Loviatar, goddess of pain, and Ardua, goddess of plants and growing things being chief among hundreds of other lesser dieties and saints.

One day his uncle, Detrop, showed up for him, all excited about new trade potentials to the west. Samir learned that a barbarian prince, name Donis, had conquered an island stronghold of the hated Koveli on 6/19/415tc) and had re-opened the long east-west trade routes from the Argossean kingdoms back to Zamora and beyond: a distance close to 4,000 miles. Samis returned to Dothog and assisted his uncle and brother Vansin to put together an expedition to the west. During the two years this took to accomplish he met a young doe-eyed girl by the name of Atani and grew intensely attracted to her to the chargin of her father for she was promised to another. Enjoying one last time in her arms he narrowly escaped to his uncles' ship and sailed west on a rainy summer day in 418 to take advantage of the seasonal winds.

Like most Zamorans Samir did not favor one god over any other: calling to them when in need of their services in their various domains. While on the streets of the city of Eastgate almost a year after leaving home he was introduced to the god of travel: Fhalanghn, and became an adherent to this god which summed up his love and need of travel. He worked the trade routes, moving in and out of the Dosadan Empire and Argossean Kingdoms though never returning to Zamora for several years. He dimly recollected hearing that the Emperor of Dosade had died and his son Donis had ascended the throne. Little did he realize that within a year the young emperor had launched lightning raids into the realms south of him and suceeded in conquering most of them in a matter of months. This, with his medallion of passage issued by the Imperials, has allowed him to journey to more lands.