Timeon Turgola was born to Zingaran mariner Joss Turgola and his native-born wife Ischcon on 5/15/406tc in the town of Fieltos. Soon after the elderly JOss loaded his wife, daughter Jestana (six years older than Timeon) and his infant son and moved his family to Verald where he managed a cordage business until his health failed him a few years ago. After the family moved a younger sister was born when "Tim" was four years old, Entheali, and a younger brother, Eillric seven years younger.

Joss was a young man when Duke Mornegel of Cassan and King Acromel of Rimal reached an accord to end their decades long war and allow shipping once more. This opened up the 4,000 mile trade route east to Zingara, Zamora, and other kingdoms even further to the west. Joss Turgola was one of the young men who sailed with Yordat Di Gallo and arrived in the Kingdom of Eastgate a year later. That was 53 years ago. Joss and the others prospered and grew wealthy, and while many of the Zingarans retired back home Joss kept going further and further into the Argossean Realms finally acquiring his own ship. Though he always dreamed of returning to Tazenda in his golden years the western barbarians once more warred on one another closing the way home. Joss went south to avoid the fighting, the pirates, and the Koveli raiders. Then the Dosadans erupted into a series of bloody wars pushing him to the town of Fieltos on 7/11/381. There he met a young lady, the daughter of a local merchant, and actually settled down and married.

Joss wanted to raise his children in the Zingaran traditions, but he was one against the multitudes of Thyrans, Thulans, and Argosseans. He at the least taught his children his native language. While his sister Jestana learned the business to take over from their father Tim found himself apprenticed to the magician Versalidine who was himself an apprentice to the town magician Tanil, whose tower is sealed and no one has seen in three years. Tim found Versalidine an able if not a demanding teacher. He expected his apprentices to pick up the basics of magic quickly and Tim, being bright and genuinely interested in all of it, was able to keep up which just made Versalidine push even harder. This worked well for Tim but not so much for the other apprentice, Polin, who had been with Versalidine for two years already and yet was surpassed by Tim in six months. A dislike of Tim burst into open hostility and Tim learned to guard against the tricks and problems Polin was always trying to get him into.

During the five years he was an apprentice, winning his athame on 10/15/425, Tim would go to the nearby schools and there he met groups of students that he could converse with on many subjects. Two of them Escavar and Octroi, were his constant companions in the taverns and studyhalls of Verald until Escavar was summoned to serve as a magistrate in Chevastos to prepare for the Dosadan invasion in June of 425.

Oddly enough Octroi, though studying to become a magistrate, appeared to glory in small crime and what could be called white collar crime. His forgeries got better and better and only his quick wits and the help of his friends kept him out of the stocks or prison on more than one occasion.

After being awarded his athame and becoming a wizard in his own right; Tim stayed in Verald and would do alchemy work for various other magicians though his heart was always in adventure and travelling outside of the walls of verald. Then one day he witnessed an elf try to pickpocket a woman on Baker street....