The original gaming area used in my campaign world starting in 1983. (Thus all of the hand drawn maps I've never taken the time to update.) What started as a city adventure in the city of Eastgate morphed into a more “seek and destroy while explore” series of adventures in the Ilsigi Hills to the east, across the Tagen Gulf.

Eastgate and the Tagen Gulf

Since the time this map was drawn the towns of Marifi and Wirth, shown on this map as ruins, have been rebuilt. Many other towns and villages have sprung up in the past 80 years as refugees fleeing the wars to the south came to settle in these newly (re) opened lands.

Southern Cherson

The Ilsigi Hills are aproximately 1,500 miles north of the Bicorporal Island area of Lenfell which became the active campaign area in 2011. Now, with Steve wanting to play some of his older characters this page among others is being thrown together for background information to a entirely new group who has never experienced this location.

The city of Xanator can be seen on the lower edge of the map.

Southern Ilsig

The last several years of gameplay have centered on the Marcel to Wirth coastline and up the Mysic River into parts of the Ilsigi Hills.

On 3/16/419 the elvish druidess Telindar began repairing an old castle she and her adventuring party had wrested from first hobgoblins, and then harpies. Since then referred to as “Telindar's Keep,” this has become the birthplace of the Abolisher prestige class after Telindar and a group of druids, rangers, and priests met to try and find a new way of dealing with the aberrant threats in the area.

After Imperial forces destroyed the keep and killed everyone there on 6/28/420, Telindar decided it was too dangerous to have “support” folks too close to the keep and founded the village of South Landing along the shore of the Mysic River since most of the supplies for Telindars Keep comes up the river from Wirth. On 5/8/424 the knight Sir Garwin began building his Knights Academy in South Landing after receiving approval from Baron Yordat of Wirth and Duke Solat of Marafi.

Town of South Landing