Lenfell Campaign

The name of the largest forested/wilderness area on Bicorporal Island. This and the jagged high peaks of the Degerloch Mountains on the eastern side of the island are the two most discernable features. Two kingdoms, several independent duchies and baronies, nine major cities, nineteen towns, and countless villages dominate the landscape, Though marked as forests; the Lenfell and Epigeal Forests hide rolling hills and even extensive ridges and plateaus; some reaching an altitude of 1,500 feet.

The Degerloch Mountains are soaring snow-covered peaks most of which are over 10,000 feet tall. Mount Fanglith, in the southern chain, is estimated to be 32,000 feet tall (Highest mountain on earth is Mount Everest at 29,035 feet) The highest elevations are quite hostile to humanity and home of some very dangerous creatures.

Mount Felarof, on the island of Velireon, is estimated to be 33,400 feet tall, and is the tallest mountain in the area.

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