Bicorporal Island lies 97 miles south across the Lastel Straits from the Cherson Peninsula.

The island has 5,171 miles of coastline and is 1,047 miles east to west.

There is no known land passage from one side of the Degerloch Mountains to the other. The Kingdom of Gravenhage, east of the mountains, is only accessible by ship. This geographical fact has made Gravenhage more insular than the rest of the island.

The Degerloch Mountains stretch 750  miles, there are six other ranges of hills, five major wooded areas, four major rivers, one large lake, two marshes, and four coastal plains that encompass the island.

Nine major cities, nineteen towns, and countless villages and holdings fill the lands. Most of the human population lives on the northern shores and coastal plains.

The city of Ziest was founded by the Thyrans in -296 and was the first Hybori colony on Bicorporal.  Kamden on the south shore was founded by the Thyrans in -257 followed by the Thulans landing and founding the city of Utrecht in -234.

The deposed Emperor, Deventer, and his loyalists arrived on the eastern shores in 62 and founded the city of Gravenhage. All of the cities and peoples of Bicorporal Island were loyal to the deposed Emperor until his assassination in 91. Duke Nastus of Utrecht proclaimed himself King beginning several generations of intermittent warfare.

King Marlenus of Utrecht conquered all of the cities and populations with the exception of Xanator in 231 when his forces take the city of Tiel. In 234 the combined armies of Gravenhage and Tegelen defeat Marlenus ending his dominance on the island.

In 368 Duke Elric of Ternach, the future Emperor Ulric of Dosade, takes service with Gravenhage which was involved in the war between Dosade and Toonal. On March 15th Duke Elric marries Princess Dawnstar, great-granddaughter of Emperor Deventer and is crowned Emperor Ulric of Dosade. Gravenhage, Xanator, and Tegelen become parts of the Empire while Utrecht and the other principalities remain independent.

April, 2nd, 418 Donis son of Ulric takes the mantle after his father's assassination. This pushes the Empire into civil strife and encourages the enemies of Dosade to take advantage of the situation. Emperor Donis begins consolidating his hold by ruthlessly killing members of his own family and those of his father's allies..