Not really part of Lenfell; this is an alternate world the main party journeyed to from Skaith via an Elsewhale controlled by the Tolomos priest Xentos. Xentos is a planar traveller and admitted he had never been to this plane before but knew people who had. The party desired a location where the temporal slippage between planes would give them the advantage of time in order to train and hone their skills: effectively making two months stretch to six.

The party swam ashore from the Elsewhale to face a stretch of sandy, boulder-strewn beach that turned quickly into jungle to the left. Straight ahead and to the right rose a cliff, mostly impassable, that disappeared into the distance. Finding a place to make the climb up the cliff, instead of facing the dense jungle, they soon found where a swift flowing river fell over the cliff in a thunderous waterfall.

From the top of the cliff, facing the sea, the plateau disappears into the distance with the deep sea meeting land with only a thin strip of beach between the waves and the cliff. The cliffs here tower some hundred feet into the air. And, as the party found out, is home to many small reptilian creatures: both with and without wings.

Facing from the sea, the party sees a harsh rocky and hot plain interspaced by dunes of sand with the river flowing from the mountains in the distance. Perhaps seven miles away is a large crater with craggy walls rising some 40 feet above the plain. Several miles beyond that is a towering mountain with its peak wreathed in clouds.

(The white dot to the left of the crater is a pickup truck for size comparison.)

Looking back at the jungle a large river can be seen flowing from out of the jungle and into the sea. A large assortment of large reptiles can be seen in the swampy areas around the river as well as grazing on the grassy plains between the cliff and the jungle.

The majority look like this four-legged herbivore that weighs in at several tons and travels in herds.

Two to three times larger are these walking plant eating behemoths who spend most of their time grazing in the shallows of the river.

Other four-legged creatures do not appear to be simple herbivores.

Others appear downright frightening due to their size and ferocity.

While Kainan fished with arrow and line thorugh the waterfall from the cave entrance, Flintnock used Stone shape to make their home more secure and comfortable. This may have helped save the party when a large troll-like creature breaks its way into the caves and tries to kill the party. Through forcewall and stone shape, Flintnock forces it off the edge of the ravine.

Big dinosaur

All manner of threats appear to walk, crawl, swim, or fly on this world. Swarms of small flying reptiles, large flying dinosaurs, Snakes large enough to swallow a horse whole. And lots of giant bugs.


In the series of caves the party has stayed hidden in for weeks, they have discovered crudely carved reptilian faces on the walls, signs of tool making, and the use of fire. Some manner of creature had once built a crude wall of boulders and rocks to block a pasageway; choking it down to the height of maybe two feet. And a Tyrannosaurus skull mounted on a four foot tall pedestal with no sign how such a thing that large could fit through some of the smaller caves.

Tool using lizard

Seventeen days after arriving here and living in the caves behind the waterfall; Flintnock uses Arcane Eye and notices several armed and tool-using bipedal reptilians similar to the lizardmen back home. He watches them hunt along the edge of the jungle and then disappear back into it.

Eighty-three days after arrival Flintnock notices some of the fish-men, Kuo-toa hunting down by the waterfall. He uses ghost sound and is surprised at how they react. He over hears them mentioning they are surprised at the use of arcane magic on land and are returning to tell their queen.


Skyship that crashed down out of the sky.

After not seeing any of the kobolds or Flintnock for a few days: Duarvar, Graw, and Kainan begin trekking across the desert in search of the kobolds. Five hours after leaving they suddenly hear a booming and crashing sound. In the distance, approximately four miles away, they see a ship like the one pictured above spiralling out of the sky. In horror they notice bodies flying from the decks. With a mighty roar it slams into the ground out of sight behind a line of trees.


Setants, the gobber Bodger, is the only nonhuman surviving member of the crew of the HMS Shukahogh.

Dino ruins

Ruins seen from the HMS Shukahogh along the eastern coast.