Resurgent Empire


2/1 Duke Elric and Princess Dawnstar arrive in Dosade to the surprise of the council. Princess Dawnstar proves her lineage and Temple Dar Radian proclaims all conditions are met for the return of an Emperor and Empress to Dosade.

2/9 A large gnoll incursion sweeps into western Choamonous.

3/15 Duke Elric and Princess Dawnstar are married and crowned Emperor and Empress of the Dosadan Empire in Dosade and agree to honor all existing treaties and fealties with the various nations and parts of the old empire. Elric takes the name Ulric as Emperor. The couple make their official residence Dosade and their unofficial home Ulrics' city of Deventer.


Calancia del Narishna becomes Baron of Orlin upon the death of Baron Rogoran del Narishna.

5/3 Baron Mornegel of Eastgate moves his household to Cassan. He proclaims himself a Duke and independent of Eastgate.


Duke Mornegel of Cassan crowns his son Darius King of Rimal after his fleets take the city of Rimal and the Koveli King Acromel dead.


Baron Tobarra and his family is assassinated in Duchamp. The Argosseans (Eastgate) are blamed and there is fighting between the native Ilsigi and the southern folks. In the ensuing weeks a druid named Craig and his party help negotiate a peace and get the Baron and his family raised. This event marks the last attempt by Eastgate to subvert and control the Ilsigi outside of Marcel.


Mufup di Saevar becomes Duke of Banlore upon the death of Duke Lyan di Saendre.

Ekerrik Rovigo becomes Duke of Luana upon the death of Duke Elessar Rauder.


Macheleten di Asoli becomes Duke of Tegelen upon the death of Duke Masted II di Asoli.

The Danzig merchant guild is chartered in Jahiri and signs onto the Imili Accords of 321.


Duke Mornegel of Cassan is killed in battle.


Earnur di Chiara becomes Duke of Ziest upon the death Duke Prithond di Chiara.

Frist Yizo becomes Baron of Agatine upon the death of Baron Dorlyth Yizo.


Havok scouts around the Verbeeg (Half-Giant) town of Kagwher. They capture one and bring him back to Havoks fortress in Marafi. There they learn the Verbeeg language and bits and pieces of their culture and society.


Delvor del Tigana becomes Baron of Maleriss upon the death of Baron Colson del Tigana.

Bashan del Bierum becomes Baron of Fieltos upon the death of Baron Rederuth del Wirdum.

3/10 A large army of verbeeg attack Gareth Bis. The magician Torrell asks the Baron of Gareth Bis to ask for Imperial assistance as the High Priest of Hecate says the town is doomed otherwise. Torrell contacts Havok in Marafi and Havok begins making preparations to have his personal guard to go to Gareth Bis. He visits the Emperor asking for assistance and visits Temples to Arioch, Ares, and Mars. The Emperor will not send aid without a formal request from the Baron of Gareth Bis.

3/26 The Baron of Gareh Bis sends a formal request to Emperor Ulric to aid in the defense against the giants. The morning Baron Vorkuth is killed in his castle. The Dosadi 1st Guard begin arriving via teleport circles in Gareth Bis and strengthen the defenses.

3/27 Havok opens a portal to the elemental plane of magma over the Verbeeg city of Visoki aimed at the Sorceror Nireds tower; killing him. Back in Gareth Bis the Dosadans rout the Verbeeg army.

4/9 Imperial Dosadan forces along with private armies from the Temple of Ares at the verbeeg cities of Ruvo, Visoko, Varkay and Alamat before dawn. Varkay, Ruvo and Salamat are decimated while the Imperials lose heavily in Visoki though they achieve their goal of destroying the main cabal of Verbeeg spellcasters.


Klavan Hanak becomes Baron of Maidel upon the death of Baron Yevaud Jubate.


Havok moves his household to Gareth Bis after being banished from the Empire to avert a civil war after Havok is caught up in a plot to assassinate several nobles.

8/1 Dosadan troops invade the Kingdom of Skorva in an attempt to stop another civil war.


Rapuista Alessan becomes King of Xanator upon the death of King Iros del Menico.

Chenvert Cinot becomes Baron of Tamas upon the death of Baron Alcarin Nysander.

1/7 The Verbeeg Rarn launches an attack on the town of Gareth Bis by opening a portal to the plane of fire over Havok's house. Tonloc the Verbeeg champion kills Havok and then challenges Baron Castex to personal combat to decide the fate of the town. Baron Castex defeats Tonloc in single combat. The rest of the giants honor Tonlocs deal and leave Gareth Bis. Havok is raised.

1/12 Torrell is captured by Rarn and brought to Ruvo. They spend several weeks discussing their peoples and their respective cultures. Rarn asks Torrell to return to Gareth Bis and see about a treaty between their peoples, and allowing trade.


Sarwak di Bardadior becomes Duke of Kamden upon the death of Duke Vilrokin di Bardadior.


Emperor Ulric invites the Merchant Guilds to Jahiri and the conference results in the Merchant House Charter of Jenoor. The Korispol merchant guild of Korikor becomes a member of Guilds.

The giants north of Gareth Bis and orcs fight a series of battles outside of human lands.


Torrell and Havok hear that Ruvo is in ruins and the verbeeg king Rarn dead. Later the orc leader is killed by the verbeeg sorceror king, "Big-Eyes."


Havok introduces his grandsons Donis and Tiyvelt, and Hallessi to Torrell at his house in Gareth Bis. They teleport north of Cassan and go hunting.


Derised del Sandre becomes Baron of Terreiz upon the death of Baron Dellinvor del Canziano.

Kevlin of Gareth Bis leads a group of adventurers which takes Lonoch Keep from the giants north of Gareth Bis.


Kadarius Colson becomes Baron of Slegin upon the death of Baron Betan Colson.


The Empire is thrown into civil strife when Donis takes the crown after the assassination of his father, Emperor Ulric. Emperor Donis begins consolidating his power by ruthlessly killing members of his own family and those of his fathers' allies.


Noyade Iassica becomes Baron of Doriaz uponthe death of Baron Alveric Iassica.


Zander di Chiara becomes Duke of Ziest upon the death of Duke Earnur di Chiara.


Yagnur di Loredan becomes Baron of Ryka upon the death of Baron Atelier di Loredan.

7/24 King Taureg of Rimal marries a commoner to the consternation of the leading houses of both Rimal and Eastgate.


Jaroleth di Loredan becomes Duke of Meppel upon the death of Duke Oradin di Loredan.

423, October 12th

Duke Solat of Marafi marries Lowna Tassadar.


Thoras Turek becomes Baron of Lirance upon the death of Baron Krashnark von Michaela.


Bealoast del Canziano becomes Baron of Terreiz upon the death of Baron Derised del Sandre in combat.

4/15 Queen Lambien of Ternach, aunt of Emperor Donis, is found dead under suspicious circumstances. She is the last known victim of the internal strife in the Imperial family.


Goriach del Camena becomes Baron of Allynis upon the death of Baron Avari del Camena.


Emperor Donis of Dosade narrowly escapes from an assassination attempt.


King Mytron of Ternach dies without leaving a male heir causing problems in one of the Empire's largest Kingdoms. Emperor Donis marries Princess Cimage, his first cousin, the next day.


Duke Solat of Marafi is killed in combat. His wife, Duchess Lowna, causes a scandal when she assumes control.


Soldiers from Lirance destroy the village of Kurum of the Tuglu tribe.

5/9/447 The Toonali, Ulric von Malachon, becomes Baron of Lirance when he succeeds in taking the town of Lirance.