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Kingdom of Gravenhage.

Founded in the year 62 by the deposed Emperor of Dosade, Deventer, and his loyalists after he was deposed. Their fleet of ships arrived off the coast of eastern Bicorporal on May 3rd and lowered anchor in Rhydon Bay. They set up camp on shore and called it, Grave Haven" which went from temporary camp to permanent settlement as more people arrived and no political solution in sight. The name slowly morphed into Gravenhage.

Gravenhage was built near a natural spring on the coast of the Slegin plains. This area of Bicorporal Island had been considered too dangerous for centuries for colonization. The followers of Deventer had no choice and had to fight the assorted hobgoblin and ogre tribes for their land. The town of Gravenhage grew from a medium-sized town into a city of granite hewn from the nearby Eamon Hills inside of two decades.

Kingdom of Gravenhage

Symbol: Dragon Sejant on Light Blue with gold key.

Ruler: King Talenn, 394 -

House Presko: Crossed Hammer and Sword on light blue.

(Emperor) King Deventer, 62 - 91

King Damian, 91 - 139

King Damian II, 139 - 167

King Agravan, 167 - 207

King Rakell, 207 - 230 & 234 - 296

King Marlenus of Utrecht, 230 -234

King Presko, 296 - 304

King Elreb, 304 - 340

King Mistan, 340 - 394


City of Gravenhage

Symbol: Dragon Sejant on Light Blue with crossed Hammer and Sword.


Town of Geridon, Ship under sail on light blue with dragon sejant.

Town of Maleriss, Dormant boar on light blue with dark red line.

Town of Slegin, Crown and Dragon on light blue.

Town of Combel, Crossed long swords over dragon sejant on light blue background.

Town of Agatine, Dragon rampant on light blue with gold key.