Kingdom of Xanator

Founded 8/23/30, by Ladarius of Jahiri.
Shield: Red Rose on Dark Blue.

Most of the inhabitants of Xanator live in the city of Xanator though there are four towns in the Kingdom: Toliner, Golonel, Doriaz, and Tamas. The Kingdom is surrounded by water on three sides with the Gadira Hills, Epigeal Forest, and the eastern approaches to the Ganglion Plains to the west. It is connected to the west by the Ganglion Way Road which crosses through the Epigeal Forest as well as by its seaports as all five urban centers enjoy deep, protected harbors.

The beginnings of the Kingdom date back to the first wave of Imperial colonization and thus the peoples of Xanator are a mix of the different races of men; mainly Argossean, Thyran, Dosadan, and Tonildan though some hailed from as far away as Pankor. The Kingdom is dotted with villages, usually following shallow streams and rivers, and at beginning ten or so miles into the Kingdom from the coasts or forest are farms and ranches.

City of Xanator

Founded 8/23/30, by Ladarius of Jahiri
Shield: Dragon Couchant on Dark Blue.

Ladarius and his retinue from Jahiri comprised the syndicate that was awarded the land grants from Emperor Takkar and many of the Noble Houses of Xanator trace their roots to these men. Many noblemen have large manors surrounding the city as well as palatial homes inside the walls. Many of these palaces were sacked and looted when the Dosadan 2nd Imperial Raiders attacked the city on June 8th, 425. With King Iros dead, his son, Prince Malik, was put on the throne by the Dosadans. A contingent of Imperial troops are now stationed in Xanator to stabilize the area and enforce the Emperor's will.

Order was quickly re-established and the merchant and tradesmen classes were once again in business. It has been speculated that the Dosadans invaded Xanator as part of the first wave of the invasions due to its exports of preserved food (salted beef, pork, fish, as well as hard breads, cheeses, and beer.) to assist in supplying the Dosadan war machine. Xanator is also the home of a large number of tradesmen who manufacture metal and leather goods and sold through the Jahiri merchant Guild which maintains a large presence here. The shops turn out arrowheads, sword blades, and metal shields as well as metal plating and ingots. Two large foundries are located on the edge of the city on the bay where the coal and iron ore is usually brought in by ship or barge.

Though there are several dozen small temples and shrines scattered throughout the city; there are six major temple complexes in and around the town squares and harbor. A massive temple to Poseidon dominates the harbor skyline while an Imperial Temple sits across the main town square from the Royal Palace and other government buildings. The other four major temples are to Carnadosa, Hades, Mars, and Apollo. A hidden temple to Erbin is rumored to exist.

Town of Tamas, Barony of Tamas

Founded 228
Shield: Light Blue/Dark Blue Checkerboard with Wolf and Ship.

King Raldnor of Xanator gifted the northwestern plains of the kingdom to Sir Crozier of the House of Idron and made his holding an independent Barony of Xanator in reward for his victories over the Thyrans. By having the Barony on his western flank King Raldnor was creating a buffer state between his kindgom and the growing influence of the Kingdom of Utrecht.

Tamas is the areas market town and boasts finely crafted linens and flax cloth as well as raw wool from the local shepherds who favor sheep in this area of the country over cattle. As with many towns on the Ganglion Plains, centaurs are regular visitors to Tamas and will sell their services as guides, hunters, and scouts. A temple to Chiron is adjecant to the town walls.

Town of Toliner

Founded 264
Shield: Cornucopia on Dark Green.

When King Marlenus of Utrecht and King Huorn of Xanator met and ended the war between their realms, they proposed to build a road connecting their kingdoms to foster goodwill and trade. Toliner was founded on the eastern end of the Ganglion Way and served as a staging area while the road was cut through the Epigeal Forest and on to the town of Allynis in the neighboring Duchy of Meppel.

Toliner is the main market town in the western Kingdom and boasts several sawmills which take cut boards and poles from the trees harvested on the farms and ranches as well as the eaves of the Epigeal Forest. Toliner crafted bridles and harnesses are well known for quality and durability, made from leather the tanners produces from the cattle and oxen driven into town on market days from the surrounding ranches.

Toliner is also the home of a ranger order, the Rangers of Caleb, as well as a monastary, the Trevion. Two temples, one to Epona and the other to Toragan can also be found in the town.

Town of Doriaz

Founded 302
Shield: Constellation of the Pegasus on Dark Blue.

Situated aproximately 120 miles east of the city of Xanator, the town of Doriaz is the easternmost point of the kingdom. Founded in 302 by Baron Jaron as a secure anchorage against maurauders for the shipping routes heading east, it has since grown into a large market town surrounded by villages and ranches and connected on land by the paved Hansa Way. Since 7/427 Doriaz has hosted a squadron of the Imperial Dosadan Navy. Among a huddle of shrines to various gods is a small temple to Hera.

Town of Golonel

Founded 323
Shield: Harpy and Longbow on Light Blue.

First founded by Admiral Daquan of the Xanator Navy in a failed attempt to regulate and tax shipping transiting the Droblek Bay to and from the Kingdom of Tegelen to the southwest; it did manage to become the market town for the heavily farmed southeastern area of the kingdom. Before the Illuin Way was finished in 344, produce had to be shipped out. Golonel has a long secure harbor which is guarded by twin towers and a woven metal net to keep aquatic raiders out. A temple of Ilsevent also found on the harbor.

Xanator region of Lenfell

Epigeal Forest

Most of the western area of the Kingdom of Xanator borders the Epigeal Forest. The Epigeal probably used to be part of the Lenfell Forest, which still connects with the Epigeal on a corridor nine to fifteen miles wide. The Epigeal is a dark and gloomy place, there are actually places where the Plane of Shadow itself perhaps intrudes into the world as evidenced by certain trees and the peculiar skiurids. Hickorys, larch, oak, and pine cover an area roughly two hundred miles long and three hundred miles wide in places. The southern Epigeal is hilly and covers ridges and ravines under a thick top cover while to the north the ground flattens where the forest meets the Ganglion Plains. The Epigeal is the home of several Hobgoblin "kingdoms" as well as Ettins, Goblins, and Doppelgangers. Gnolls from the Baedliks Plains to the south and from the Ganglion Plains can be found raiding into the forest at times. The forest is also home to such rare, and dangerous, oddities as Bulettes, Blackroot Maurauders, Forester's Banes, Giant Hornets, and Ocularons. Large swathes of the Forest have been cut back or even domesticated and cultivated in the Kingdom though there is increasing resistance to this: as if the forest itself was reacting.

Ganglion Plains

Gentling rolling in places, completely flat in others, the Ganglion Plains stretch over 500 miles along the top of Lenfell from coast to coast. The eastern end yields to the farms and ranches of the Kingdom of Xanator. For years used as an invasion route by both men and monsters; the Plains are home most notably to several large centaur tribes that once shared this sea of grass with nomadic gnolls, the occasional troll, dire wolves, and displacer beasts.

Droblek Bay

350 miles long, 120 miles at its widest, with a mouth but 30 miles wide, Droblek Bay is mostly sheltered from the worst storms coming out of the west by the Degerloch Mountains. With the Kingdom of Tegelen on its western edge, and the Kingdom of Xanator on its northern, it is a heavily traveled body of water with many fishing vessels and ocean going ships headed to and from Tegelen. It has its dangers of course, crabmen and sea hags inhabit the depths while giant eagles, harpys, manticores and giant owls all hunt over the waters and come from the wild southern shore which is the home of mostly lizardmen tribes, ogres, and athachs. There are a few topaz dragons which keep others away and do not interfere with the affairs of men unless the men are foolhardy enough to interfere with them.

Lastel Straits

The northern border of the kingdom of Xanator is the Lastel Straits, the body of water, between 100 and 200 miles wide, which seperate Lenfell from the Cherson peninsula to the north. The waters are usually calm during the most of the year but violent storms come out of the east during the winter making sea travel hazardous. Giant fish, monstrous crabs, and giant sea slugs are some of the more bothersome wildlife to be found while crabmen, kuo-toa, and sahaugin will on occasion attempt to raid ships and invade the coasts. Ocean and even storm giants can be found rarely in the area.